Hours of Operation:

Sunday:  Closed     Monday:  9am-5pm     Tuesday: 9am-5pm     Wednesday: 9am-5pm     Thursday: 9am-5pm     Friday: 9am-5pm     Saturday: Closed

1. Our Healthy Home Guarantee:  All the products used are made with natural ingredients, are effective in cleaning and disinfecting and are safe for people, pets and the environment.

2. Our Worry-Free System uses checklists to ensure nothing is forgotten.

3. Our Healthy Home 2 Week Smart Start is our most desired option as it is the best option for keeping germs and bacteria at a minimum.  Not only is having your home cleaned every 2 weeks a great interval between weekly and monthly cleaning schedules, but it also guarantees a safer, more healthy space for you and your family.

4. Our Integrity in Truth promises that we will charge what we agree upon, no hidden fees or charges.

5. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  If you are not completely satisfied, we re-clean the area with which you are not 100% satisfied at no additional charge!

6. Our Commitment to Maximizing Your Benefit: Our system is designed to maximize your time and money by helping us be as thorough as possible.  In order to deliver the most for  your hard earned money, we clean an entire area.  We do not do a part of any area.  For example:  we will close off a room or entire area and deduct that sqft from the price, but we do not go into an area and just do floors or dusting or the toilet, etc.  We either clean an entire area or we don't clean any part of that area. 


Chemless Cleaning, LLC. 

A Chemless Space is a Happy Space!!


Phone: 520-981-5271 (Cell)

480-45HOUSE (4-6873) (Office)


Mesa, Az. 85201


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Chemless Cleaning Products are our gift to our clients.  We believe that Chemless Cleaning is the only way to clean and that such cleaners should be safe, effective and environmentally and economically friendly.  Our products are made from naturally healthy ingredients so that we can assure you, our customer, that the value isn’t just in our price, but also in our product.

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