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Initial Task List 

These are the tasks that are done IN ADDITION TO the maintenance tasks on the initial clean.

Cobwebs removed
Doors, Frames, casings and jams cleaned
Fans/Fan blades/chandeliers/light fixtures cleaned
Window sills and ledges cleaned
Return air ducts dusted and cleaned
Systems (gam/stereo) dusted, cleaned
T.V./Computer screens cleaned
T.V. backs and vents given extra attention
Accessible areas under furniture vacuumed
Accessible baseboards cleaned
Floors (carpet and hard) outer edges given extra attention where mops and vacuums do not get normally
Fronts of cabinets cleaned
Knickknacks individually cleaned
Pot shelved (within reach) and their knickknacks cleaned

Initial Deep Clean: The purpose of the initial clean is to establish a baseline (create a pristine state) of cleanliness that we can maintain. This clean gets the home as pristine as possible by getting those areas that may have been overlooked or you may not have had the time to clean because you are trying to juggle a busy life with kids, work, laundry, meals, etc. This clean takes longer and costs more as it is more labor intensive and requires more product in order to ensure the entire home is equally clean for the implementation of Chemless Cleaning's Customized Healthy Home Cleaning System.