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Maintenance Clean:  The purpose of the maintenance clean is to keep your home in a pristine state at the interval of your choosing. After the initial clean, we come in, at the interval you choose, and we maintain the cleanliness we've established during the initial clean. This means different things for different homes.  Homes with small children could mean door jams and casing need to be cleaned every single visit, but tops of book cases don't necessarily need that extra attention each time. Maintenance means that we will tailor the clean to your needs after the initial clean. This clean is performed within 30 days of the previous clean or another "initial" clean will be required in order to re-establish the base for maintenance. 

Maintenance Task List

These tasks are done each time we clean AS WELL AS one schedule of initial clean tasks.  

All touch points cleaned and disinfected

Appliances-Accessible-Outside of appliances cleaned and disinfected

Bathroom vanity and sink (s) cleaned and disinfected

Bathtubs and showers cleaned and disinfected

Chrome fixtures cleaned, disinfected and shined

Dining and breakfast chairs cleaned

Dining and breakfast tables cleaned

Doors., frames and jams spot cleaned

Empty trash

Fan blades cleaned

Faucets, sinks, and drains given extra attention

Floors vacuumed and damp mopped

Fronts of cabinets spot cleaned

Furniture dusted

Kitchen countertops and sink cleaned and disinfected 

Knickknacks dusted

Large decorative items, framed, lamps dusted

Microwave cleaned and disinfected inside and out 

Mirrors cleaned and shined

Stairs vacuumed

Toilets thoroughly cleaned and disinfected-inside and out