Lemon Juice-Annihilates Mildew and Mold, Cuts Grease and Shines Hard Surfaces. It Smells AWESOME!!!

Olive Oil-Cooking, Cleaning, Polishing.

Vinegar-Effectively, but Gently, Eliminates Grease, Soap Scum, Mold and Grime. 

Baking Soda-Virus-Killing Abilities and Effectively Deodorizes and Cuts Grease and Grime.

These are some of the ingredients we use to make the products we use for our cleaning system.  This is not an exhaustive list.  Its an example only. 

Water-A “Universal Solvent” and Essential in most Cleaning Processes. 

Essential Oils-Great for Scent Additions, Germ-Killing, Physical and Mental Health Healing. 

Natural Ingredients