What we do during the 1st clean and during the rotation

A custom cleaning schedule is one that cost a bit more and the cost of a custom cleaning schedule remains the same for every clean whereas the weekly, every 2 weeks and every 3 week cleans cost more for the first clean, then the price drops for the recurring cleans. The benefit of the custom schedule is that you can have us clean randomly or on a regular monthly basis.  This option requires a deep clean each time we come, therefore, it has a higher price tag.  This option is for those who just want to have some help before and after parties, a spring cleaning, some other occasion or just a monthly once over deep clean.  

Frequency Options

Normally, the more often you use our service, the less it will cost you per visit. An added benefit of our services is that Chemless Cleaning supplies all the cleaning supplies you need. That is an average savings of  $10-$12 per clean. Weekly and bi-monthly (every 2 weeks) visits are not only more cost effective, they're also healthier. A routine cleaning reduces allergens, bacteria, and other health concerns.

As a general upkeep type of service, this is the most popular schedule for many homes and businesses. It's ideal for the home or office that is busy, but not overloaded with work or social commitments.  It is a good, timely clean at the right interval to keep things looking fresh and clean.  This option is great for those who are not busy all the time, but have a steady schedule of activity.  It is a comfortable medium between every week and monthly.  This option helps those who want to keep things tidy, but has just enough business in life that they can't keep up with ease.  This cleaning schedule requires a first time deep clean cost and then drops to a recurring price after the first clean.

Residential and Commercial

*Level of Effort (LOE)

Accessible exterior of all appliances wiped and disinfected
All touchpoints cleaned and disinfected
Bathtubs and shower walls cleaned and disinfected
Chrome fixtures cleaned, disinfected and shined
Countertops and sinks cleaned and disinfected
Dining and breakfast chairs lightly dusted
Dining and breakfast tables cleaned and disinfected
Doors and door frames spot cleaned
Empty trash
Floors vacuumed and damp mopped
Furniture lightly dusted
Large decorative items, frames, ceiling fans, lamps dusted
Microwave wiped out and disinfected
Mirrors cleaned and shined
Shower doors cleaned and disinfected
Bathroom vanity and sink cleaned and disinfected
Stairs vacuumed
Toilets thoroughly cleaned and disinfected-inside and out


Every 3 Weeks

At Chemless Cleaning, our primary concern is the health and safety of our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with a clean space without dangerous chemical residues. We believe that a clean space shouldn’t mean an unsafe one where harsh chemical residues remain after “cleaning”. We incorporate this belief into every home, office, area we clean.

Our Detail-Clean Rotation System
We use our unique Detail-Clean Rotation System to ensure that our services always meet our high standard of cleanliness. This system was developed because of our desire to provide a professional cleaning experience for our clients/customers. We use this system to ensure that our clients/customers are always satisfied and can expect a consistently clean and beautiful space.

Here is how it works:

Initial Deep Clean: We'll carefully detail-clean your kitchen and bathrooms as well as your living/common areas and in the case of residential cleaning, your sleeping areas. This clean will provide a base for future cleanings.  This initial first clean is more in depth, will take more time and cost substantially more money. The price of the second clean forward will decrease.  We want to ensure that your home/office is sparkling when we leave. These services may include additional fees or costs when requested after your first cleaning. 

Rotation System: After the initial cleaning, beginning on the second clean, we will begin the rotation system.  We will deep clean a stated area(s) as well as thoroughly clean the entire home/office. During each visit, one area will be detailed while all the other areas are professionally cleaned with our standard services.  This keeps your home/office consistently clean throughout.  Our high standards are proven through our system of cleaning.  We are committed to providing a safely cleaned area using our chemical-free cleaning products and a high standard of excellence in cleaning.  




A Move-In/Move-Out clean is much more involved as it requires areas to be cleaned that are not normally cleaned on a residential or commercial regular or deep clean.  When we deep clean for a move-in or  move-out, we clean inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets, drawers and closets.  We also have much more floor space to clean as all the furniture and contents are gone.  Many times these areas require a heavier clean as they have not been cleaned as often due to the fact that they have had something sitting there in that spot.  This can take much longer and a higher level of effort.  Also, if the outside needs attention, this will cost more, take even more time and level of effort.  This clean will cost substantially more money and time.  

Every 2 Weeks

Accessible areas under furniture vacuumed
Appliances hand wiped
Baseboards wet wiped
Chrome fixtures cleaned, disinfected and shined
Cobwebs removed
Dining and breakfast chairs hand wiped
Dining and breakfast tables cleaned and disinfected
Doors and door frames hand wiped
Empty closet floors and stairs vacuumed
Faucets, sinks, and drains given extra attention
Floors given extra attention
Fronts of cabinets hand wiped
Furniture and upholstery vacuumed
Furniture hand dusted
Kitchen countertops cleaned and disinfected
Knickknacks individually cleaned/dusted
Microwave thoroughly cleaned and disinfected-inside and out
Shower door(s) given extra attention
Toilets thoroughly cleaned and disinfected-inside and out
Window sills and ledges hand wiped


Clean and disinfect dishwasher (Must be empty)                                                                               $5 each clean
Clutter Clean-Up                                                                                                                                 Priced at the time of on-site consult-*LOE
Dishes Washed/Drain                                                                                                                          Priced at the time of on-site consult-*LOE
Inside of refrigerator cleaned                                                                                                              Priced at the time of on-site consult-*LOE
Laundry-Fold, Hang, Put Away ONLY (We do not wash, dry or iron) $10 per 3x2x2 Basket
Sweep outside sidewalk, patio, deck or porch                                                                                     Priced at the time of on-site consult-*LOE
Windows-Inside Only-Within Reach-Not Blocked                                                                             $5 each window or 8 for $30



A once every 3 weeks thorough cleaning provides a good, regular service for your home or office. While it can be costlier than the previous two options, because of the workload involved, it's also often enough for those who don't entertain a lot, whose offices do not include the traffic of a constant client/customer base coming and going through and who may not have particularly loaded schedules. Every 3 weeks is a nice balance for the home or office who rarely has traffic and is more for the family/employees.  This cleaning schedule requires a first time deep clean cost and then drops to a recurring price after the first clean.

​What we do every time we clean


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A weekly cleaning is for  anyone who has high traffic, entertains often and has a busy lifestyle.  .A weekly cleaning is ideal for those with busy lives and lots of social obligations. For these people, even a simple wiping down of kitchen counters, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming and mopping can put a crimp in their overloaded schedules. Even those who work at home can find themselves without the time to do much beyond the bare necessities depending on the nature of the work. Maybe your office is semi-busy and you have light traffic, but the traffic is daily, you might get by with a weekly cleaning. This cleaning schedule requires a first time deep clean cost and then drops to a recurring price after the first clean.

Services Offered for An Additional Charge